Work Package 1


Underutilised tree & shrub species screening

O.1.1. To select the most promising underutilized species according to their ecological requisites and their chemical composition for the bio-based industries;

O.1.2. To evaluate tree and shrub species as feedstock for the new BeonNAT bio-based value chain;

O.1.3. To assess marginal lands selection according to the legal framework.

Work Package 2


Biomass cultivation, harvesting, logistics and supply plan

O.2.1 To test the benefit of intercropping/mixed-forest in marginal forest or agricultural land versus the natural growing in three different European countries (Spain, Germany, Romania); O.2.2 To provide final industry partners the feedstock(Biomass) supply for the BeonNat refinery;

O.2.3 To establish final species for every final product/application;

O.2.4 To test different harvesting and logistics systems in order to evaluate the whole value chain of the studied products;

O.2.5 To characterise biomass waste to BeonNat biorefinery self-supply.

Work Package 3


Essential oils and vegetal extracts

O.3.1 To develop and test an innovative concept of harvesting baling and on-site distillation; O.3.2 To characterize best methodology to obtain high added-value compounds with functional properties;

O.3.3 To establish the best final species for essential oil and biochemical production;

O.3.4 To describe final product specifications;

O.3.5 To identify and isolate added-value by products for bioplastics (WP4) and absorbent for pets (WP6) production.

Work Package 4


PLA bioplastics for packaging

O.4.1. To produce fermentable sugars from the fibrous residue remaining after extracting herbal extracts;

O.4.2. To test and characterise lactic acid production from this new feedstock;

O.4.3. To test and characterise poly-lactic acid production;

O.4.4. To produce a new added-value bioplastic with bioactive properties due to the by-product (WP3) incorporation;

O.4.5. To produce the packaging required for cosmetic applications.

Work Package 5


Biochar and active carbons production

O.5.1. To test and characterise Biochar and Active Carbon production from new feedstock; O.5.2. To establish the requirements for Biochar and Active carbon as final products.

Work Package 6


Development of new absorbents for pet industry

O.6.1 To define the best species and additive formulation for pet industry absorbents;

O.6.2. Selection of optimum process parameters for pellet production;

O.6.3 To prepare a basic design for commercial scale production of pellet absorbents;

O.6.4 To evaluate the techno-economic viability of new bio-based added-value absorbent pellets production.

Work Package 7


Wood pulp and particleboard preparation

O.7.1 To test and characterise the production of wood pulp from biomass;

O.7.2 To test and characterise the paper production from wood pulp;

O.7.3 To test and characterise the production of particleboards from biomass;

O.7.4 To establish the requirements for final products.

Work Package 8


Market, biodiversity and value chain sustainability assessments

O.8.1 Selection of the final underutilized species for BeonNat refinery;

O.8.2 To identify main areas of marginal land suitable for growing BeonNat species in three different European countries.;

O.8.3 To perform and intermediate environmental, social and economic life cycle assessment of BeonNat value chains focused on critical issues to steer the development process in the right direction;

O.8.4 To evaluate all final BeonNat bio-products environmental, social and economic impacts from a life cycle perspective and compare their environmental impacts with respect to products aimed to be substituted;

O.8.5 To demonstrate the economic and environmental feasibility of the BeonNat production process at pre-industrial scale;

O.8.6 To demonstrate the techno-economic and environmental viability of BeonNat production processes in bio refinery case studies and identify its social impacts;

O.8.7 To ensure a sustainable forest management and feedstock traceability through sustainable forest management and chain of custody certificates;

O.8.8 To deliver a final assessment of BeonNat value chains from a multiple criteria point of view including business aspects.

Work Package 9


Communication, dissemination and exploitation

O.9.1 To facilitate the communication between partners and with different audiences;

O.9.2 To disseminated project results among target sectors, industry and scientific community; O.9.3 To maximize the impact of BeonNat results through appropriate exploitation strategies.

Work Package 10


Project Management

O.10.1 To form a strong organizational structure to achieve effective and result-driven management;

O.10.2 To ensure that goals and objectives are clearly defined and visible throughout the project;

O.10.3 To monitor progress among planned and actual activities. To identify risks and issue corrective action plan as necessary;

O.10.4 To setup active administrative and technical management during the project life, ensure timely delivery of all the management and technical reports to the EC and efficient financial management