USV: Description and role

Who we are

The University Ștefan cel Mare of Suceava (USV)  is a public institution of higher education that offers different programs studies and conducts scientific research in Natural and Technical Sciences, Economics, Engineering and IT, Humanities and Health.

Faculty of Forestry is a public educational institution body assigned to the University Ștefan cel Mare of Suceava with a focus on different areas of research interests, such as forest economics and marketing, forest mapping, social forestry and community management of forests, forest and environment protection, dendrochronolgy, forest policies, natural resources and forest ecology.

The research projects developed by the faculty focused on topics such as evaluation of the anthropic impact on the forest ecosystems finding the best practices for the ecologically destructured stands, assessing the biodiversity of natural areas, mapping the forest ecosystem services, studying the forest genetic resources in Romania and evaluating the sustainability of the biomass value chain. Currently, the Faculty of Forestry has a laboratory of forest biometrics fully equipped with high-performance equipment, a research laboratory of applied ecology, and a laboratory of fundamental biological. Moreover, the collaboration of the Faculty of Forestry with other public and private institutions led to high performance in research. The team of the Faculty of Forestry consists of specialists with their specific backgrounds in forestry and environment protection. 

What is our role in BeonNAT?

  • Underutilized tree species screening and marginal land selection

  • Tree and shrub species cultivation, harvesting and logistics

  • Market, biodiversity and value chain sustainability assessments

Our team

Ciprian Palaghianu

Senior Researcher

Laura Bouriaud

Senior Researcher

Mihai-Leonard Duduman

Senior Researcher

Cezar Tomescu

Senior Researcher

Ramona-Elena Scriban

Junior Researcher

Ionut Barnoaiea

Senior Researcher

Vasile-Cosmin Coșofreț

Junior Researcher