TOLSA: Description and role

Who we are

Tolsa, S.A. (TOLSA) is a company that its main activity is the exploitation, processing and commercialization of special clays (sepiolite, attapulgite and bentonite). TOLSA is the European leader in the production and commercialization of special clays and is the owner of the most uniform deposit of sepiolite in the world in terms of purity and homogeneity. As the European leader of cat litter products, holds the 35% of the market that represents more than 400.000 tonnes a year. In the industrial and animal feeding sectors is a major manufacturer of products based in special clays with more than 140.000 tonnes a year.

Due to the singularity of TOLSA in comparison with other mining companies, for owning exclusively probably the best sepiolite deposits in the world and for its leading position in the markets, the R&D development has been an important commitment in the past and nowadays to obtain better products and more applications of special clays commercialized by TOLSA.

What is our role in BeonNAT?

  • Analysis of the absorbent capacity of underutilized tree and shrub species selected for screening

  • Biomass feedstock to produce absorbents for pet industry modified and not modified with biochar/active carbons

    Definition, test and characterization of absorbents prepared with biomass feedstocks selected and biochar/active carbons.

Our team

Tomás Ardid

R+I Project Leader