Active carbon producer. By-product supplier.

ENVIROHEMP (ENV) has the potential to become a major European agent in the development of alternatives for the green industry, particularly in the valorisation of waste biomass for a circular economy. The production of tailor-made activated carbons and other carbonaceous materials from agroforestry waste, combining both pyrolytic and hydrothermal processing is the core technology of our company. Our innovative developments include the fractionation of lignocellulose into its three major components and/or related Green Primary Chemicals. Our highly qualified staff puts together availed expertise in Project Coordination, solid scientific formation and successful leadership in Scaling-up tasks (4 participations in FP7 and H2020 Projects) for avant-garde biomass processing. During its short life, ENV has fostered a number of strategical collaborations with key agents that provide both academic and commercial background to our initiatives.




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