PEFC: Description and role

Who we are

PEFC Spain: the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. As an international non-profit, non-governmental organization, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification.

Forest certification is a voluntary, market-based instrument, implemented through two separate but linked processes: sustainable forest management certification and chain of custody certification.

  • Sustainable forest management certification assures that forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social and economic requirements.


  • Chain of custody certification tracks forest-based products from sustainable sources to the final product. It demonstrates that each step of the supply chain is closely monitored through independent auditing to ensure that unsustainable sources are excluded.

With around 331 million hectares of PEFC-certified forest and over 20,000 certified companies, we are the largest forest certification system in the world.

PEFC Spain is formed by forest owners and industries associations, public governments, technology centers, universities and other social groups. Currently, more than 1,624 companies are PEFC certified in Chain of Custody and more than 2.5 millions of forest hectares and 46,958 owners and managers are PEFC certified in Spain.

PEFC Spain has the mission of promoting and communicating the forest certification as the tool that guarantees and promotes Sustainable Forest Management and the use of forest certified products, including forest biomass, contributing to the employment and development of rural areas. 

What is our role in BeonNAT?

  • To ensure the sustainable forest management of the plots

  • To guarantee the traceability from the forest to the final product in the different value chains

  • Communication & Dissemination

Our team

Marta Salvador

Technical Director


Arantza Pérez


Sustainable forest management of the plots and the chain of custody

Araceli Muñoz

Communication Director

Communication & dissemination