IDOASIS – Potential use of extracts

As experts on research and development of natural healthy ingredients, IDOASIS has been working on the extraction and characterization of fine chemical compounds in the most promising plant species selected in BeonNat. The species included were Betula pendula, Cytisus scoparius, Robinia pseudoacacia and Rubus fruticosus in Germany; Betula pendula, Carpinus betulus, Populus nigra and Robinia pseudoacacia in Romania; and Cistus ladanifer, Juniperus communis, Rosmarinus officinalis and Ulmus pumila in Spain. 

Agilent Technologies

The samples received have been subjected to different extraction methodologies to obtain high added-value compounds with functional properties. All the obtained extracts were then characterized using the most appropriate analytical methodologies, and their bioactive properties were evaluated to define the best final species for essential oil and biochemical production. 

During the first period, lab-scale trials were performed to define the best extraction methodologies. For the next period, the most promising extraction methodologies will be optimized to extract a higher amount of target compounds. Terpenoids and phenolics were the main phytochemicals identified in the chemical characterization, as they are the main active compounds related with biological/pharmacological activities, including antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiinflammatory activities.


Based on these results, and considering the regulatory analysis and use recommendations, the final products obtained will be classified in each of the targeted industries: nutraceuticals, plant-based medicaments, feed additives, and cosmetic ingredients. 


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