Happy Europe Day!

As we know, the EU-funded BeonNAT project will increase our knowledge about bioindustry-oriented mixed crops and their potential use to produce raw materials for the bioproduct sector. The project will estimate the basic aspects of the value chain, selecting the most adequate species for different EU countries. It proposes a concept that includes mixed cultivation of selected species using the coppice management systems.

That is why today, we want to celebrate Europe Day and remember the Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundation for the EU. This day is a celebration of the unity and peace in Europe, and we want to emphasize the importance of research in making Europe a better place.

This is the perfect occasion to mention that thanks to EU investment, BeoNAT project will produce eight bioproducts, such as essential oils, woodpaper, bioplastics, and active carbon. Tests and related biorefinery processes will be performed in different countries. The project will also estimate the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the production.

Let’s celebrate Europe Day together and highlight the significance of the EU-funded BeoNAT project. As we remember the Schuman Declaration, let’s not forget the importance of research in making Europe a better place.