IDOASIS: Description and role

Who we are

IDOASIS 2002 (IDS) is a biotechnology-based company performing research and development of natural healthy ingredients, and strongly involved in the design of strategies to create multi-product integrated biorefineries from forestry and agro-food biomasses within the European strategic framework of bioeconomy. IDOASIS is specialized in the development of business strategies to provide commercially viable products with a high impact on the international market.

IDOASIS has a wide experience in the most innovative extraction and purification technologies, such as pressurized liquid extraction, supercritical fluid extraction (SC-CO2), microwave assisted extraction, ultrasonic assisted extraction, semipermeable membrane purification, differential solubility purification, crystallization and chromatographic purification, among others.

IDOASIS is expert in the efficient use of agricultural and forest biomass, for the extraction and purification of active ingredients contained in food industry biomass, to supply highly value-added ingredients for the food, nutraceutical and feed markets.

It has a wide knowledge in the elaboration of scientific dossiers to support the biological activity of natural ingredients, including in vitro tests (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, etc), pre-clinical trials, and human or animal clinical trials.

What is our role in BeonNAT?

  • Support in the Chemical profile of the species selected per country

  • Essential oils and vegetal extracts

    Extraction, fine chemical and functional characterisation of raw wild material, optimisation of extraction conditions and purification of chemical families/singles compounds of extracted wild and cultivated species, bioactiviy assays

  • Support in the incorporation of BeonNat pure compounds to the poliactic acid

  • Absorbent pellet design using raw collected material

Our team

Jose Carlos Quintela

Chief Scientific Officer

Phytochemistry; extraction and purification technology for herbal extract production; chemical characterization


Senior Researcher

Extraction and purification of phytochemicals, analytical technologies