ATB: Description and role

Who we are

Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) is a nationally and internationally operating research centre. At the interface of biological and technical systems, the institute follows an interdisciplinary approach, combining basic research with a high degree of application orientated research.

The Institute’s mission is to develop sustainable and highly innovative technologies for the resource efficient utilization of biological systems to produce food, raw materials and energy. Climate change and the incipient changes in the structure of agriculture represent particular challenges for agricultural engineering research. ATB research activities are of interdisciplinary nature and follow a systems approach covering the entire spectrum from primary production and consumption of food, feed and non-food biomass including technology assessment.

Founded in 1992, the ATB is today one of the largest agricultural research institutions in Europe and operates – in part as a coordinator – in large national research networks as well as in numerous EU and DFG projects. The ATB has state-of-the-art infrastructure, including special laboratories, large-scale facilities, pilot plants (e.g. pilot plant for lactic acid) and experimental facilities as well as the newly established Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer.  

What is our role in BeonNAT?

  • To study the fermentation performance of the pretreated material coming from the 12 most promising species selected

  • To scale-up and downstream processing to produce LA

Our team

Joaquim Venus

Research Scientist

Linda Schroedter

Junior Researcher